davisREED is proven to be a values driven general contractor by their incredible history, amazing work portfolio, lasting partnerships, and employees – who are the heart of the company.
With four locations along the west coast and four affiliate locations nation-wide, davisREED has the experienced staff, existing local relationships, and the manpower to build any project, anywhere.
davisREED began in 2002, but consists of individuals that have been in the industry for more than 35 years alongside freshly trained college graduates and skilled laborers. From high-end hotels to educational institutions, we not only can build it, but bring added value to your projects.
davisREED has a contagious entrepreneurial spirit that runs from executives all the way through the carpenters in the field. These individuals, focused on things like safety, sustainability, and quality, are the ones that guarantee your visions become reality.
With the financial strength to support any vision, davisREED is the perfect building partner for any project. We have the ability to bond to lending requirements, our EMR rating is consistently under .70 and we bring cost-savings to the projects we build.
Employees at davisREED are empowered decision makers. This allows concerns that may arise to be dealt with immediately and ultimately add value to your project. We trust the experience and training of our employees and respect their decisions – especially when it comes to taking care of our client.
davisREED’s senior leadership is hands-on, involved, and a part of the day to day process of our activities. Each project is assigned not only an executive, but project teams also have on-going training from senior management on-site. We are focused on building leadership qualities in our employees that positively affect our partnerships and their projects.
Being a project-focused general contractor allows davisREED the ability to use creativity and innovation on their projects. We can be agile and flexible – changing to fit the needs of our clients as new circumstances change things like budget, schedule, and supplies. We find solutions quickly that keep the project moving and keep the clients satisfied.
Partnership is our key value. davisREED believes in partnering with our clients, design-teams, trade contractors, employees, and the communities in which we build. To us, it’s more than a buzzword. Partnership is entrenched with integrity, our company history – and ultimately family. We see the humans behind the project – the visions, goals, and dreams – and we make them happen.